This tutorial will have you deploying a Node.js app to Square Cloud in minutes.

The tutorial assumes that you have a Square Cloud account, and that you have Node.js and npm installed locally.

Required Files

  • index.js or index.ts (Example of main file).
  • package.json (dependency file).
  • (file that contains the Square Cloud configuration).

Preparing Files for Upload

Before hosting your project on Square Cloud, you must first have the files of your project properly configured, so that you can host it later.

It is recommended to delete the node_modules & ffmpeg folder, package-lock.json and .npmrc file, if it exists in your project.

Create your configuration file.

After the files of your project are ready (and the unnecessary files deleted), just zip them in .zip format before uploading to Square Cloud.

Uploading Files to Square Cloud

After preparing your project files, you can now upload them to Square Cloud and host your project. Access the Square Cloud Dashboard and upload your project files.