• Before you start, you will need to create an account on Square Cloud, which can be done through the login page. You can use either your email or Discord, or both, to create an account.
  • Finally, you need to have a plan superior to the Hobby plan active on your account. You can view our plans and purchase one here.


  • The only requirement to use the team system is to have a plan higher than the Hobby plan.

Creating Your Team

To create your team, you should go to the dashboard, click on your profile and choose the “Create a Team” option. Finally, just choose the name of your team and confirm. Thus, it will be created and you can access it by selecting your profile again and choosing the desired team.


Each member in the team has a certain role that provides specific permissions to be performed on the applications. Below you can see a list of permissions:

Only the Admin role can view files such as .env .env.production and configuration file (

Adding Team Members

To add a new member to the team, follow these steps:

First Step

Ask the user you want to add to access the account page and trigger the request team code button. They should then send you the generated account code. Remember that this code can only be used once and expires after 5 minutes.

Second Step

With the code in hand, go to the dashboard and navigate to your profile.

Third Step

Access your profile and select the team where you want to add the user. Then, go to the “Members” tab and click on the “Invite a member” button.

Fourth Step

Finally, enter the user’s account code so they can be added to the team.

Only share your account code with trusted individuals.

If you continue to experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.