When does it occur?

The ABUSE_REQUESTS error occurs when your application is shut down due to a high volume of requests made to the Discord and/or Amino APIs. This may result from inefficient coding practices, lack of caching mechanisms, or surpassing the allocated request limits.


Why does it occur?

This error typically arises when your application exceeds the permissible limits for making requests to the Discord and/or Amino APIs. It could be a consequence of a rapid increase in user activity or inefficient coding that generates an excessive number of API calls.

How to fix

Addressing the ABUSE_REQUESTS error involves monitoring and optimizing the sections of your code responsible for API requests, implementing effective caching mechanisms, and, if necessary, requesting an increase in your API request limit through the official support channels.

Monitor and Optimize Your Code

  • Identify Problematic Code: Use logging tools or profiling to pinpoint sections of your code that generate a large number of API requests.
  • Optimize API Calls: Review and optimize the code responsible for API calls. Minimize unnecessary requests and ensure that each call is essential for your application’s functionality.

Implement Caching Mechanisms

  • Use Local Caching: Store frequently requested data locally to avoid unnecessary API calls. This reduces the load on the servers and improves response times.
  • Set Expiry Times: Implement caching with expiration times to ensure that your application fetches fresh data when necessary while minimizing the number of API requests.

Request an Increase in Request Limit

If your application genuinely requires a higher API request limit, consider reaching out to the Discord and/or Amino support channels to request an increase. Provide justifications for the increased limit and any measures you’ve taken to optimize your code.

Keep Your Application Updated

Ensure your application is using the latest version of any libraries or SDKs interacting with the APIs. Regularly check for updates, as developers often release new versions to address performance issues and improve efficiency.

Update discord.js
npm install discord.js@latest
# or update in your package.json
Update discord.py
pip install discord.py
# or update in your requirements.txt

Test and Restart Your Application

After making the necessary changes, thoroughly test your application to ensure that the modifications effectively reduce the number of API requests. Additionally, restart your application to apply the updates and monitor its performance.

If you continue to experience any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.