import squarecloud as square

client = square.Client(api_key='API_KEY')

async def example():
    app_status = await client.app_status('application_id')


  • api_key

api_key: str: This is the required parameter when instantiating the Client object. A valid API key must be provided as a string for authentication to be performed correctly.

  • debug

debug: bool = True: This is an optional parameter that controls the debug mode of the Client object. When set to True, every time a request is made, the Client object prints debug information to facilitate the detection and resolution of issues. However, in production environments, it is common to set this parameter to False to avoid displaying unnecessary information. This value defaults to True.


Using the Client, you can obtain an object (or a list of objects) that represents your application. This object would be an instance of the Application class that you can use to manage your application more conveniently, without always needing to pass the id of your application.

import squarecloud as square

client = square.Client(api_key='API KEY')

async def example():
    app = await'application id')
    print(app)  # <Application tag='example' id='application_id'>