Minimum Resource Requirements

Every project hosted on the Square Cloud Platform has specific minimum resource requirements to ensure optimal performance:

  • Bots: A minimum of 100MB of RAM is required for hosting.
  • Websites: Websites need at least 512MB of RAM allocated to operate effectively.

Please note that while Square Cloud offers plans with up to 512GB of RAM, the maximum RAM allocation for any application is 32GB. If you require more than 32GB, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

CPU Optimization & Limitation

The CPU limitation logic aims to optimize performance by dynamically adapting to the application’s needs. The code divides the default CPU allocation by two, promoting an efficient resource utilization approach. However, specific conditions alter this behavior:

  • If the default CPU allocation is less than or equal to 0.5, the CPU remains at half.
  • If RAM allocation is 512 or higher, and CPU allocation is between 0.5 and 6, the CPU is released for full usage.
  • If RAM allocation is 1024 or higher, the CPU is released for full usage.

This strategy aims to balance CPU efficiency with variable system demands, ensuring adequate performance across different scenarios.

This approach is crucial to promote a high-quality experience, ensuring fair and efficient CPU resource allocation, optimizing application responsiveness, and reducing unnecessary resource consumption.

Network Limitations

Network limitations are essential to ensure fair resource distribution and a high-quality experience for all users. The network speed increases by 25MB/s for every additional 256MB of RAM allocated.

Here are the network limitations based on RAM allocation:

  • Less than 256MB RAM: 25MB/s network speed.
  • Up to 512MB RAM: 50MB/s network speed.
  • 1024MB RAM: 100MB/s network speed.
  • 2048MB RAM: 200MB/s network speed.
  • 4096MB RAM: 400MB/s network speed.
  • 8192MB RAM: 500MB/s network speed.

For applications requiring network speeds exceeding 500MB/s, please contact our support team to discuss your specific needs.

Square Cloud is committed to providing a balance between resource availability and performance, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

Storage Limitations

Storage limitations are crucial to ensure equitable resource distribution and to provide a high-quality experience for all users.

  • All projects: Each project is allocated 10GB of storage.
Applications uploaded before the 7st of March 2024 will have a storage limit of 15GB.

Service Limits

Squarecloud implements service limits to ensure fair and efficient resource utilization for all users. These limits are categorized as:


If an application on the free plan violates COMMERCIAL_USE, typically by engaging in commercial activities or misusing resources intended for non-commercial use, the application will be temporarily banned. During this temporary ban, the application itself cannot be started, restarted, or stopped. However, the user’s account remains unaffected. This temporary ban acts as a corrective measure to enforce the terms of service and discourage resource misuse.


In cases where an application is found to be in violation of ABUSE_STORAGE, involving excessive misuse or unauthorized utilization of storage resources, the application may face more severe consequences. As a measure to maintain resource integrity and fairness, the application may be subject to deletion. It is crucial to use storage resources responsibly and within the bounds of the terms and conditions.


If an application exceeds the allocated RAM limit as specified in its config file, it will be flagged for violating LACK_OF_RAM and shut down to preserve its own and everyone else’s safety.


If an application exceeds and stresses its allocated processing limit, it will be flagged for violating LACK_OF_CPU and shut down to preserve its own and everyone else’s safety. It is important to remember that Square does not allow the hosting of applications that mine cryptocurrencies, for example.

Square Cloud is dedicated to providing a secure and balanced environment for all users while ensuring compliance with its policies.