Debugging in discord.js

With discord.js, you can utilize the “debug” and “error” events for debugging. Here’s an example:

// The client listens for a 'debug' event
client.on('debug', (info) => {
    // Logs the debug info to the console
    console.log(`Debug Info: ${info}`);

// The client listens for an 'error' event
client.on('error', (error) => {
    // Logs the error message to the console
    console.error(`Encountered an Error: ${error.message}`);

In this code, we use the ‘debug’ event; it is triggered to provide general debugging information, and the debug messages are logged to the console. Similarly, when the ‘error’ event is triggered, the error message is logged to the console.

Debugging in

With, you can use the logging module for debugging. Here’s an example:

import logging
import logging.handlers

# Sets up the logger for discord
logger = logging.getLogger('discord')

# Sets up the handler for the logger
handler = logging.StreamHandler()
dt_fmt = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'
formatter = logging.Formatter('[{asctime}] [{levelname:<8}] {name}: {message}', dt_fmt, style='{')

# Runs the bot"your token here", log_handler=None)

In this code, all debugging information and errors are logged to the console.