When deploying your application to Square Cloud, you might encounter a scenario where certain files are automatically deleted during the deployment process. Understanding the files that are subject to automatic deletion is crucial for ensuring a smooth deployment experience. Here, we provide a list of files that are commonly deleted during deployment and need to be excluded from your deployment package.

List of Files to Exclude:

  • .cache
  • .config
  • .composer
  • .dockerenv
  • .git
  • .husky
  • .logs
  • .local
  • .npm
  • .next
  • .pki
  • .replit
  • .upm
  • .vscode
  • __pycache__
  • Cargo.lock
  • .npmrc
  • node_modules
  • package-lock.json
  • replit.nix
  • replit_zip_error_log.txt
  • target
  • yarn.lock
  • .venv
  • .breakpoints
  • pycache

These files are typically related to development environments, build configurations, and dependencies. Square Cloud may automatically remove them during the deployment process to optimize the application’s performance and reduce unnecessary data transfer.

It’s important to note that certain development tools and platforms generate these files for local development purposes. However, they are not essential for the application to run in a production environment. Therefore, excluding them during deployment ensures a more efficient and streamlined application deployment process.

To prevent these files from being deleted during deployment, make sure to exclude them from your deployment package or configure your deployment process accordingly. Understanding and managing these files will help you deploy your application smoothly on Square Cloud while maintaining a clean and efficient deployment package.

For more information on deploying applications on Square Cloud and managing whitelists, refer to the Square Cloud documentation.