This tutorial will have you deploying a PHP app to Square Cloud in minutes.

This tutorial assumes that you already have a Square Cloud account and PHP installed locally.

Required Files

Make sure your project includes the following files:

  • Your main PHP file.
  • composer.json (*optional dependency file).
  • (a file containing your Square Cloud configuration).

Preparing Files for Upload

Before you can host your project on Square Cloud, ensure your project files are correctly configured for hosting.

Create your configuration file.

If your project includes a composer.json file, Square Cloud will automatically install dependencies using Composer. However, if your project also has Node dependencies (i.e., a package.json file), you should specify the installation process in the START field of your file. For example:

START=npm install && php .....

If your project lacks a composer.json file, it will be initialized by executing the following command: php -S, which will start a web server.

Uploading Files to Square Cloud

After preparing your project files, you can now upload them to Square Cloud and host your project. Access the Square Cloud Dashboard and upload your project files.