Due to regulations, local laws, security and privacy issues, certain countries may be blocked from accessing our services and APIs. We are constantly working to expand our services to more countries, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide services in your country.

Blocked Countries

The following countries are currently blocked from accessing our services and APIs:

AustraliaAUNo reason specified
BangladeshBDDDoS attack
ChinaCNLegislation and DDoS attack
Hong KongHKLegislation and DDoS attack
Korea, NorthKPDictatorship

API Limits

Illegal or abusive use of our API may result in your account being blocked.
If you are rate limited, you will receive a 429 Too Many Requests response. If you receive this response, you should wait 30 minutes before making another request.

The API is subject to rate limits (subject to change). The current rate limits are:

Account PlanRate Limit (60s)Max daily requests
HOBBY60 requests86,400 requests
STANDARD90 requests129,800 requests
PRO120 requests172,600 requests
BUSINESS150 requests216,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-32200 requests288,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-48250 requests360,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-64300 requests432,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-96350 requests504,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-128400 requests576,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-160450 requests648,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-192500 requests720,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-224550 requests792,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-256600 requests864,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-288650 requests936,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-320700 requests1,008,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-384750 requests1,080,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-448800 requests1,152,000 requests
ENTERPRISE-512850 requests1,224,000 requests

It is important to note that these API usage limits are set to ensure that the Square Cloud platform can be used equitably by all users and to protect the integrity of the systems. If you need more requests per minute or other broader limitations, it may be possible to upgrade to a higher tier plan that offers these additional features.