The logo of Square Cloud has been thoughtfully designed to reflect the values and objectives of our company. It consists of two squares positioned at a specific angle, resulting in an appearance that resembles a “Docker container.”

  1. Two Squares: The two squares in our logo represent the solid foundation on which we build our cloud infrastructure. Each square symbolizes the robustness and reliability of our services.

  2. Docker Container: The positioning of the squares was carefully chosen to evoke the image of a Docker container, which is a widely used technology in the world of cloud computing. This visually represents our flexible and adaptable approach to providing efficient and scalable solutions to our clients.

The Flexible Infrastructure

Our company was born with the vision of creating a highly flexible cloud platform capable of meeting the ever-evolving needs of businesses of all sizes. The Square Cloud logo, with its angular squares, symbolizes this commitment to flexibility.

Key Features of Our Infrastructure:

  1. Elasticity: Our infrastructure is designed to scale vertically and horizontally, allowing you to increase or decrease resources according to your business demands.

  2. Portability: Just like Docker containers can run in different environments, our services can be easily migrated between public and private clouds, providing greater freedom of choice.

  3. Agility: With container-based technology as the foundation, we can deploy solutions quickly, ensuring minimal downtime for deployments and updates.

  4. Scalability: The two squares in our logo also represent the scalability of our services. With automated and optimized resources, we can handle intense and growing workloads.

Our Online Domains

To complement our commitment to flexibility, we are proud to provide a range of online domains where you can access our services and resources. These domains are designed to ensure ease of access and use for our valued clients:

  • Our main domain, where you can find detailed information about our services, solutions, and company updates.
  • Aliases to our dashboard, where you can access your Square Cloud account and manage your cloud infrastructure with ease.
  • Our API domain, where you can find detailed information about our API and its endpoints.
  • Our official domain that connects our clients’ projects with the world.

We also have the following domains:

  • ->
  • ->
  • ->
  • ->
  • ->

Curiosity, we use .org & .email to send emails, like noreply@ emails.


The Square Cloud logo is much more than a simple visual representation. It encapsulates our company’s philosophy and commitment to providing a flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure.