Primary Commands

The Square Cloud CLI provides the following primary commands:

Command to get help about any command.

squarecloud help

You will see the help information about the command.

A command line application to manage your Square Cloud applications

  squarecloud COMMAND [flags]
  squarecloud [command]

Available Commands:
  app         Do some actions with your applications
  apps        List all your Square Cloud applications
  commit      Commit your application to Square Cloud
  help        Help about any command
  login       Login to Square Cloud
  upload      Upload your application to Square Cloud
  whoami      Print the user informations associated with current Square Cloud Token
  zip         Zip the current folder

  -h, --help      help for squarecloud
  -v, --version   Print CLI version

Use "squarecloud [command] --help" for more information about a command.

App Commands

The CLI provides the following commands to manage your applications:

Command to list all your Square Cloud applications.

squarecloud apps

You will see a list of all your Square Cloud applications.

NAME                             App ID                              MEMORY    CLUSTER        LANG          WEBSITE
Community Bot                    5bbd020326ee4692aba43e0ca0a75454    1024mb    fl-micron-1    javascript    false
Management Bot                   5241e2ae060a4735ba672dd4abb7099b    1024mb    fl-micron-2    javascript    false
Eval Bot Test                    7845e3b8683a4cb7a323656c09fdafce    1024mb    fl-micron-4    javascript    false
Config Web                       9b72fc4efc7748da9c69fe21daab18f4    2048mb    fl-micron-2    javascript    true
Proxy System                     a23d130fcc9d4be288ae4599a4292c32    3096mb    fl-micron-1    javascript    true
Portfolio                        441fa128793q47adbb7519536eb6f9bc    2048mb    fl-micron-1    static        true

Deployment Command

The CLI provides the following command to deploy your application:

Command to upload your application to Square Cloud.

squarecloud upload

Your application will be deployed to Square Cloud.