To configure your domain, you need to have the Standard plan or higher. You can purchase it on various domain registration platforms like:

Choose a platform that suits your needs and purchase your domain.

Configuring DNS on Cloudflare

  • Access the website where you purchased your domain, such as Hostinger or
  • Next, go to Cloudflare, navigate to “Websites” and click on “Add a site”.

After entering your domain, copy the provided nameservers and paste them on the website where you purchased the domain, in the DNS/Nameservers section.

Configuring your domain on Square Cloud

  • Choose the site you want to configure the domain for in the dashboard, then go to the Network option and enter your domain in place of “”
  • Now that the domain is configured on Square Cloud, go back to Cloudflare, select your domain, and choose the DNS option.
  • Finally, point your domain to “” with the type “CNAME”, replacing the “name” with your domain.

Good to know

www redirect to your domain

  • To redirect www to your domain, create a new record with the name “www” and the type “A”, pointing to (cloudflare internal IP).
  • Go to the “Page Rules” option on Cloudflare and create a new rule with the following settings:


  • If you attempt to access the site after configuration, you might see this message. This is normal and will disappear after a few minutes as the DNS propagates.
  • If you receive the Unauthorized DNS error, try clearing your browser cache and accessing the site again in 5 minutes. If the issue persists, contact our team.
  • If you receive the Cloudflare 1015 error, it means your domain is not configured correctly. Check your domain configuration and ensure it is correctly pointed to Square Cloud. If the issue persists, contact our team.